With this in mind you can expect the following from your Broker or Lender.

Details of Charges - known as a KeyFacts about our Services.

Terms of Business - to be read along with the KeyFacts about our Services.

A Mortgage Fact Find - You can expect to complete a detailed questionnaire.

You should be aware of 3 areas -









Life Assurance



Buildings Insurance

Interest only


Contents Insurance



Sickness cover



Redundancy cover

Full details of the product recommended - known as the KeyFacts Illustration. Make sure you are fully aware of -

The interest rate, The term of the scheme, The interest rate after the scheme ends, The redemption penalties,The arrangement / booking / lender fee, The deeds sealing fees, and any flexibility to overpay / drawdown etc..

Mortgage Application Form - or at least the declarations and direct debits.

As a guide you can expect to have to supply -
proof of your income ( salary slips, accounts etc.),
proof of address ( over 3 years generally ),
proof of identity ( passport or picture driving licence ),
proof of deposit ( bank statements possibly ),
credit card for survey fee.

There are several types of mortgages available in the market. The best one for you depends on your circumstances. Take a look at our brief overview of the most popular and then contact us for an initial telephone consultation. There is no obligation to purchase, initially we will just chat about what you require and offer some solutions.

Theses schemes change regularly and are dependant on market conditions. Please contact us to discuss the availablity of schemes and we will be very happy to advise you.

Purchase & Remortgage - Most schemes are available to both purchasers and remortgage applicants. However there are a number of special remortgage schemes which offer reduced costs.

For First Time Buyers there are a number of schemes which aim to assist the FTB gain access to the housing ladder. These include higher income multiples, guarantors, family assistance schemes, and some Government schemes.

95% schemes - Also generally for the FTB but not exclusively.

Offset schemes - Generally for the more experienced buyer. The idea is that if the applicant has good savings it can be used to offset against the interest charge on the mortgage. These schemes can allow for credit cards, cheque books, overpay, underpay and other features.

Buy to Let - These are designed for applicants OR Limited Companies that wish to own a property which will be let on either a 6/12/36 month Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement or a company contract. These schemes are based primarily on the rental income the investment is to achieve. Other factors may also impact on the scheme available - i.e. applicants credit status, income or whether the owner is an individual or a company.

Bridging Finance - This is short term finance and is based primarily on the value of the property on which it is secured. This finance is useful fo purchase of development property or as a chain breaker. It is not cheap but could be the difference between obtaining the property you want or missing out on the deal. This is referred to a third party.

Our charges for this service start at £105 plus VAT per hour.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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